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Our Bloomington tree care company provides the service you need for any size arbor project you might need done.

  • Tree Pruning
  • Crown reduction
  • Annual maintenance
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree cutting
  • Emergency service
  • Tree Branch Removal
  • Snow Plowing
  • Snow Removal
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Tree Removal Service.

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Pruning your trees properly and on a regular basis keeps them healthy for many years. Depending on which species you have, we’ll use a different pruning method. We do this because different species require different care needs and we want to be sure yours live longer, healthy lives. Understanding the biology of the different types is one of the many benefits you receive when you engage our services. We offer pruning service in Bloomington,Mn. And throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

Our experts will do the removal using our state of the art equipment and adhering to ISA standards. Our senior arborist will oversee the removal process to ensure the safety of everyone, including our workers and equipment and you and your property. Tree removal can be very dangerous if not done properly. so please do not attemt to do this yourself.

Stump grinding is the most effective way to remove a stump, regardless of the sie of the stump. When we remove your stump our arborist will discuss with you your future plans for that spot so that we know how deep and how wide to grind to ensure the ground is in the best possible condition for your next plants or landscaping.

When there is a horrendous storm. it is imperative and essential to do a detailed cleanup. This can be very dangerous and, because of the inherent dangers, you might not want to do this yourself. We at Bloomington Tree Care have the experience, expertise and equipment to safely restore your yard and dispose of the limbs downed or damaged by the storm.

Often times home owners plant them and expect them to grow by themselves . After all, drive around Minnesota and you see plenty of beautiful ones growing in nature. The thing is, what you don’t necessarily see when driving around Minnesota the ones that have died. Contrary to average knowledge, all trees need treatment every now and then in order to keep them growing strong and healthy for many years. Just as you take your pet to the vet for an annual checkup and treatments, we encourage home owners to call in our professionals and establish routine and treatment needs for your specifc species

We specialize in emergency trimming and removal no matter what caused the emergency. Our expert crew is ready for your call 24/7. if you have a fallen branch we can come out and give you a free estimate [with no obligation] and, if you like, we can start the removal process right away. Over the many years we have provided emergency removal service in the Twin Cities metro area, we have worked on all kinds and in all types of situations. Please rest assured that yours will be removed from your property efficiently and safely at an affordable cost. If you are located in Rosemount, Please get in touch with our partners for Tree Removal Rosemount,MN. thank you

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