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​While trees enhance the appearance and value of your home, there are times when you may need to remove an individual tree. When this happens, it’s always best to work with a professional due to the amount of work and risks involved in the removal process.

When a tree on your property becomes a potential liability, give us a call.

Often, removing it from your yard is taken as the last option. As a qualified arborist, we’ll assess the risk associated with allowing it to remain in your property and recommend the best way to handle the situation. Some of the reasons we generally recommend the removal include a dead or dying ones, overcrowding of others or when is hazardous in its placement; too close to power lines, roots pushing up sidewalks or damaging your foundation, etc.

We have the expertise for the job
As a professional company we hire and train skilled personnel who can determine how bad the condition is, and whether it needs to be removed or not. If the arborist decides that the only solution is to remove it all together, we’ll then know how to best approach the situation and prevent damage to other surrounding property in your home.

We guarantee superior quality work
We have the tools, experience, as well as the expertise necessary to do a thorough job. We’ll cut the branches and grind the stump. Moreover, we’ll make sure that we take care of the debris so that there is little trace of the removal.

We put safety first…Always.
When you’re removing a large one, Many things can go wrong during the process. The potential for injury to yourself and to others in your home is high. You could also damage your home, vehicle, as well as surrounding structures. You need to consider the current placement , where the tree will fall and factor in the distance to your house, your neighbor’s house, and other structures, equipment and vehicles. As trained arborists, on the other hand, we can climb and chop down the branches and do the removal without placing people or property at risk.

When it is time to perform the removal from your property you may be tempted to pick up a chainsaw and do the job yourself. This, however, is not a good idea, given the amount of risk involved in the task. The wisest option is to call a professional to handle the job safely, quickly, and thoroughly. We hope you’ll CALL US!

Cutting down and removing a tree is not as simple as taking a chainsaw to the base of the trunk.
If you do not know how to cut down or do not feel comfortable with this, please do not attempt it on your own or by yourself; especially on larger ones over than 12 inches in diameter. The cutting down process can be very dangerous and if you are not comfortable doing this, please don’t do it. Please call our experts and let us take the risk out of the removal and trimming.

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How To Cut Down A Tree. (Tips)
If you insist on doing the job yourself, here are some tips to help keep you — and your property — safe.
We just want to make 100% sure that you understand the risk associated with the task. Please concider hiring a tree removal service bloomington, Mn. for a worry free and piece of mind life.

​Cutting down a tree, especially a large one, actually starts at the very top. You want to remove branches and limbs from as high up as possible and work your way down. Depending on the size, age, and health of the tree, you will likely want to leave the trunk intact and just cut off the branches before attempting to cut at its base.

Once you get all of the main tree branches removed, you can then move on to the base. It’s very important to make sure you survey the condition itself to determine the lean off before making any cuts. Once you have determined the lean of the tree, you need to asses if the lean is going to work in your favor with the surrounding structures and landscape.

Your main cuts at the base should be in the direction you want it to fall. Your first cut should come from the top at a thirty degree angle down and toward the middle. Your next cut will come perpendicular to the body and meet your first cut. This should create a triangle shaped wedge and once removed, the tree should fall.

​Removing The Tree
Small branches can be run through a wood chipper and turned into mulch. If we are doing the job for you and would like your mulch, we’ll be happy to leave it with you by dumping it in a mulch pile for you. Or we can spread the mulch in a designated area, if you prefer.

Larger branches and limbs will need to be cut into small piece. As with the mulch, if we’re doing the work for you and you’d like to keep the branches and limbs for kindling or a wood-burning fireplace, we’re happy to leave it with you. Otherwise, we’ll haul it away so you don’t have to deal with it.

The bigger sections of the trunk can also be chopped and turned into firewood – or we can haul them away as well. Depending on the size of the trunk, you may be able to use a wood splitter to make this job quick and easy. Larger sections of the trunk will need to be cut down with chainsaws and then run through a splitter.

If You Plan to Cut Down the Tree Yourself, This Is Some Of The Tools You’ll Need

  • Chainsaw
  • Hand saw
  • Felling wedge
  • Tree trimming poles / saws
  • Rope
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Awl or Axe
  • Wood chipper
  • Wood splitter

If you have a sick tree, we strongly encourage you to call in a professional tree service provider. A dying tree generally decays from the inside, which makes it extremely unstable as it is being cut down. Without the proper biology knowledge, cutting down a dead trees is much more dangerous than cutting down healthy ones . The pros at Bloomington Tree Care have the knowledge and training to handle the worst-case scenario for you.

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